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Did we mention it's thick? Folding phones are cool and all, but good luck fitting this thing into your skinny jeans.

The hinge area packs the bulk of the, uh, bulk—partly because the screen doesn't fold completely flat. It closes more like a binder than a book, making contact only at the outer edge.

Putting the fold on the inside rather than around the outside makes for a tighter radius and a whole different set of camera placement problems than, say, Huawei's approach with the upcoming Mate X.

In its unfolded form, the main screen sports a slightly raised bezel, meaning there's a noticeable lip around the edges that you can feel under your fingers. This likely protects the display when it's folded or resting face-down on a table.

Word on the street is that scandalous screen protector now extends all the way under this raised bezel, away from prying hands. Will that protect it from us, though? Probably not.

The phone ships un-folded—but fold it even once, and that crease becomes pretty easy to spot if you're looking.

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