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It seemed like an impossible task, but we finally got our hands on a Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Obviously, our first instinct was to fire it up and play some games, but it didn’t take long for us to realize just how bad we sucked at Super Mario World. So, we grabbed our iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and took our frustrations out in the only way we know how. By tearing it down.

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Super Nintendo Classic Edition, use our service manual.



Aiden Baker - Reply

pics are > video, tho ideally there would be both, but for heaven’s sake, if you’re only gonna have one or the other, stick to pics!!!!!!!

Firstname Lastname - Reply

So a while ago I decided to take my SNES classic apart for whatever reason, and when I came to turn it back on, the power led was not working and the reset button was not working. I think I’ve found that the problem is within the board itself, so I am unsure if I could buy that smaller board for the console somewhere else. I’ve tried cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and to no avail. Thanks for the help.

Nintendo Gaming - Reply

So I recently opened mine up and cleaned it up with isopropyl. After doing this it turns on but nothing appears on the Television, I finally got it to work but anytime the console is moved, even the smallest amount the display flickers. Is this a short in the boar? Is there away to fix it?

Thomas Sullivan - Reply

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