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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Galaxy S22, use our service manual.

    Final Thoughts
    • All screws are standard Phillips
    • Battery replacement remains too difficult for a component with a limited life-span
    • Every repair will require battling through tough adhesive
    Repairability Score
    Repairability 3 out of 10
    (10 is easiest to repair)


What happened to the detailed written teardowns with pictures of every step? This is incredibly disappointing.

Marcus Carr - Reply

My understanding is iFixit, like many other businesses, has experienced some staffing issues and simply doesn't have the manpower to put that style of tear-down together right now. I don't remember where I heard this next bit, but I thought I saw someone say they may have had some new hires lined up, so hopefully we see the other style of tear-down make a return soon, but I guess only time will tell.

Benjamin Heinisch -

Thanks for the insight, that makes sense.

Marcus Carr -

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