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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Chromebook Series 3, use our service manual.

Image 1/3: Headphone Jack
  • Ports on the side:

    • Headphone Jack

    • SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot

  • Ports on the Back:

    • USB 3.0

    • USB 2.0

    • HDMI

    • 40W DC in charging port

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Image 1/2: Remove the 5 visible Phillips #0 screws.
  • Time to grab the tools and open the case. Nothing fancy needed here, just a simple phillips screwdriver, a knife and a spudger.

  • Remove the 5 visible Phillips #0 screws.

  • Remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the case. This works better if you use your fingernails to go under the feet and pick it out.

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Image 1/3: By doing this, you will avoid ending with couple of "clicks" broken, specially during the tear up
  • Disassemble this back piece, since it will ease a lot the prying of the bottom part

  • By doing this, you will avoid ending with couple of "clicks" broken, specially during the tear up

  • If you have the 3G model, be sure to remove the SIM card from this slot before going any further.

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Image 1/3: Start with all the clicks in the back part, the rest will come out almost without force
  • Time for some spudger love

  • Start with all the clicks in the back part, the rest will come out almost without force

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Image 1/2: Remove the 6 battery screws then carefully pry the battery connector straight up to remove it.
  • With the under case set aside, we now have an open case and a preview of the components to come

  • Remove the 6 battery screws then carefully pry the battery connector straight up to remove it.

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Image 1/3: Disconnect the 2 antennae lines from the main board
  • Battery removed, it's now time to remove the screen and pull the main board

  • Disconnect the 2 antennae lines from the main board

  • Disconnect the screen cable

  • Remove the 5 screws holding the main board

  • Probably a good idea to disconnect the remaining 4 cables as well

    • Keyboard and trackpad ribbon cables

    • Audio cable

    • CMOS Battery Cable

the connector on the top left of the third picture, is not an audio connector but the CMOS battery connector.

toto - Reply

great catch... updated and thanks

Josh Thomas -

u say "pop the battery connector". Des it come straight up from the board or at a angle or what do you mean by Pop it?

Jim OBrien - Reply

Battery plugs come straight up, they are socketed, do not pull sideways. Also some mobo versions do not have cmos battery provisions nor multiple memory chips per side.

steve - Reply

Interesting, mine has the wire and CMOS battery but nowhere to plug it in! See here:

I'm having an issue where the TPM chip is bad and I noticed the CMOS connector in this pic and was hoping that was my problem. Weird that the batter and wire would be there, but nowhere to plug them in. Makes me wonder if this board had already been replaced, but the original heatsink/CMOS battery was kept?

Josh McCullough - Reply

Hello, can you tell me please where is located the wifi and bluetooth module? My wifi is turned off and is no way to enable it, so I guess it's a hardware issue.

Thank you in advance.

Antonio - Reply

Image 1/3: Remove the 3 screws and tape
  • We now have a main board with the heatsink attached

  • Remove the 3 screws and tape

  • Done!

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Image 1/2: [|Samsung Exynos 5250 AEON] main proc
  • Top of the main board

    • Samsung Exynos 5250 AEON main proc

    • SanDisk SDIN7DU2-16G NAND Flash

    • 4 x ELPIDA J2108EDBG-GN-F (4 more on the rear)

    • MAX 77686 EWE 1237

    • TPS65090 TI 291

    • "Servo" dev/debug interface.

    • Connector for 3G daughterboard.

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Image 1/2: Trusted Platform Module, [|Infineon SLB9635]

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Image 1/2:
  • Not teardown relevant per se, but these are beautiful traces

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Image 1/1:
  • By removing this flexible metal ring sticker, you disable the Write Protect of the bootloader's flash. DO NOT REMOVE IT UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

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@Josh Thomas

When re-assembling the chromebook, I have noticed that the factory assembly is done in a different order (and thus the disassembly should be done in a different order as well). Let me explain: there is a small plastic piece, long and low, in the back part of the laptop (where the connectors are). For me, it is 100% clear that this is the latest part in the assembly process at the factory, because of the position of the plastic clicks.

So for disassembly it should be the first part to be removed. It helps a lot removing this part first, in order to avoid any click to be broken.

But prior to modifying the teardown I would like to know if you agree in that this is the correct process (or your opinion).

(BTW I know that Google has posted some disassembly instructions on their chromiumos page, but for me those instructions are not correct as well. Note that the manufacturer is Samsung and not Google, and that's why I'm afraid the instructions are not precise).

Jacobo Pantoja - Reply

Both of my Samsung Chromebooks are on loan to friends, so I will have a hard time verifying your question for a couple of weeks. Please update the teardown as you see fit.

I can always come back and update the photos (or take new ones) if you like, but it will be delayed.

If the part you are referring to covering the screen to body hinge? That part actually doesn't need to be removed at all if you are just digging for internals. The screen can stay connected.

Josh Thomas - Reply

Josh, I've just added the instructions along with some photos. Feel free to delete or modify the steps inserted if you consider so, as the teardown is your property.

All the best!


Jacobo Pantoja - Reply

Awesome! It' not my teardown, it's for the community so any addition is a good one :)


Josh Thomas -

Very nice guide. Thanks for creating! Would like to see it as a PDF since I couldn't get it to print out very well.

lshiflett - Reply

Where to get adaptor for eathernet connection.

Harold Walters - Reply

can you let us know what the connector that isn't connected is for in step six between the hd connector to the left and the keyboard connector to the right?

Scott Fowler - Reply


Is there a way to remove the touchpad from the palmrest assembly?


bumpkinese - Reply

Can anyone tell me what the "L Front" is and what it does. I have a broken chromebook and have been told the L Front needs to be replace. The initial problem was the display got very dim and would not brighten. Thanks,

Alice Harmon - Reply

The bottom can be removed by tilting it up from the bottom edge, like you ae opening the laptop. The plastic hinges wont be damaged this way. I didnt even know that top edge came off. Also, can you elaborate on the metal ring bootloader protection? I feel this might aid me in reflashing the TMP chip.

steve - Reply

Where is the connector for the 3G daughter board? Can one be added to the WiFi only version?

Jeffrey Johnson - Reply

I have two broken Samsung chromebooks.

1. Trackpad messed up, but otherwise ok.

2. OS not responding, but good trackpad.

So, I thought it would be easier to restore the one with broken OS. Do I just need to take working motherboard with hard drive to put in the unit with working trackpad?


Bobbi Anne White - Reply

i have a question. my samsung chromebook doesnt have a 3g sim hardware piece but i would like to add one any ideas if this is possible?

and on another note is it possible to upgrade the ssd in the samsung chromebook ? i have the same on in the viewed model if this is somethign possible could you by chance please email me and help me with the specifics.

Eric Hasbell - Reply

It is not possible to upgrade the SSD as it is soldered on. It is theoretically possible to upgrade the Chromebook with 3G but it's not practical.

Gabe -

@Josh Thomas @Jacobo Pantoja

I am working on a samsung chromebook xe303c12, it's my mom's. She managed to break the female charger cable, that inserts into male power pin at rear of book, off. It is nearly flush. I'm unable to get it with tweezers or pliers... ideas?? Please & thanks

tondef65 - Reply


I would try to get a new charger and the small piece (see the teardown) that has the external connector and that connects to the motherboard. Probably on eBay you'll find both of them.

However, while tearing down, you might find a way to extract the "female" pin from the connector, because it will probably be more exposed when removing the plastic covers. And this way you should only buy a new charger.

Good luck!

Jacobo Pantoja -

i have problem with this samsung chromebook model xe303c12-wz1my,the problem is i cannot on and the charging port led not turn on when i plug the charger,but i check with multimeter on the connector i got 12.30v,i check again where got short circuit or burn mark there is no burn mark or what so ever,then i assemble back and try,is still cannot on,really make me stress

mohamad adib danial abu bakar - Reply

can I upgrade ram on samsung chromebook 3 xe500c13?

leopugina - Reply

is the motherboard the main board im not good with chromebooks

natemare8 - Reply

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