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This repair guide also shows how to repairing back cover/rear housing, vibration motor,charging port,loudspeaker, headphone jack and other components for OnePlus 3.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Oneplus 3, use our service manual.

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Thanks for this video, is really helpful. One question where can i buy a used motherboard, in my motherboard is broken the rear camera, the rear camera and flash is not turning on.... for sure is a hardware issue ... ether i would need to fix the motherboard ether to replace with a used one .... no idea ....

Krisztian Adrian Barna - Reply

What is the thing on the back cover around the camera hole? Is it the NFC?

looping z - Reply

Yes that is the NFC sensor

Luke Boppart -

Do you know where to get it alone?

looping z - Reply

What do you mean?

James Dorn -

I am looking for a NFC sensor alone to glue to my new back case. I could not salvage the one from the old case.

looping z -

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