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Video Overview

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your OnePlus 6T, use our service manual.

    Final Thoughts
    • The battery can be removed first, once you open the phone. It’s only lightly adhered and comes with a pull tab for easy removal.
    • Many components are modular and can be individually replaced.
    • All the threaded fasteners are of the standard Phillips variety.
    • Display replacements, which are the most common repairs, are not prioritized in the design. (You have to completely disassemble the phone to swap out your screen.)
    • Front and back glass means twice the risk of cracks—without the benefit of wireless charging.
    • The primary access point for all repairs, the rear panel, is firmly glued in place.
    Repairability Score
    Repairability 5 out of 10
    (10 is easiest to repair)


How much does it cost to replace the screen on the Oneplus 6T?

Chen Ray - Reply

€ 91,00 for the screen. Unclear the repair cost

Screen less than half the cost of the Samsung s9. Key reason I bought this phone.

Andy Woods -

Where is the full report with picture of the board and components? (like the one on pixel3)

Javad Hadi - Reply

Yeah… I notice the full reports are not a thing anymore… Bring them back, please.

Philippe Morin - Reply

I will try to make a full teardown of this OnePlus 6T (On my personal phone)

Matthew Kellett - Reply

Is ther any update on a full teardown guide for the 6T? Also, is anyone going to upload any xray/circuitboard photos of this phone? I would be very interested if anyone would be willing to do so.

jeff floyd - Reply

Which is that background music used in the OnePlus 6t teardown video on YouTube?

Superb Stupid - Reply

Can you post OnePlus 6T teardown wallpaper please?

Thank you!

Carlos Herrera - Reply

Teardown wallpaper please

Daniel G - Reply

I have new Display but Fingerprint Not Work

I need help

Mohamed Ali Younes - Reply

If you attempt to just do a screen replacement extreme caution must be taken not to remove the plastic band surrounding the screen. IT lies between the screen and metal frame. It is very easy to peal screen with the plastic frame attached. Once done you will have no choice but to buy a new housing with the screen built in and swap components. It is also very easy to damage/nick the aluminum housing when removing the screen. Honestly, getting a new screen with the housing already attached is your easiest and safest option in my opinion. Just make sure the new part you ordered has all the switches and various camera shields/seals installed. If not carefully swap them from your old housing. The one I rebuilt was missing the power button on the new housing. I found this out once I had it all back together and couldn’t power up the phone. Finally, caution with the white cable connection up on the mother board. The ring that cable clips on to in the board is easily damaged. Take your time clipping it on.

Tracey - Reply

I've had a problem with that white cable you mention at the end, could you tell me exactly what it does and where I can buy it? I have been looking in several places but I can only find black coaxial cable and this one is white. Thank you very much!!!!


I have replaced the battery of my Oneplus 6t with a minor damage.

I just cut the white “antenna cable”, but i’m not sure about the real name of it.

Does anyone know the real specs of that cable?

I’m looking for it on aliexpress but i’m not finding any white cable, only black or with stripes.

Patrick - Reply

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