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Nintendo's brand new handheld console, the 2DS XL can play all your 3DS games in 2D. But what happens when we break out our tools and bring the 2DS into the teardown dimension?????

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Nintendo 2DS XL, use our service manual.

    Final Thoughts
    • The battery is fairly easy to swap out once you remove the back cover.
    • The rear panel is secured by tri-point screws.
    • The headphone jack and charging connector are soldered to the motherboard.
    • The upper display is glued in place and requires prying that can potentially break the display.
    Repairability Score
    Repairability 4 out of 10
    (10 is easiest to repair)


yet another yootoob tear-down...why? whats wrong with the others - some peeps cant get to yootoob during the day!

P Stephenson - Reply

Any idea how I can get my hands on a replacement back frame. I found a crack in the bottom right corner.

Nathaniel Canning - Reply

Why can’t i find a direct 2ds close upper screen replacement? Is it the same screen as the 3Ds Xl?

John - Reply

It’s not the same, the 2DS screen is in 2D and the 3DS has a 3D screen

Liam Judge -


In the teardown video they show how to remove the ribbon cable, but beware! Two of these cable dont have the regular easy fit where you lift the flick to get it open and remove the cable. (Yes, they do this in the video and brake it.) Once they’re open” they wont close again.

The cable right above the cart slot is ond and the closes cabel to the joystick is the other. (The two with the back connectors)


I have not tested this yet but it seems as it is a tight push fit to these ribbon cables.

If there is so, please let other people know so they dont do the same mistake as i by opening it and cannot close it again.

In worst case your New 2DS XL turn on!

Daniel - Reply

is shell swapping as easy as on the New 3DS XL?

Serge Engine - Reply

What the !&&* is up with him incorrectly disassembling it? When be begins separating the top half shell he breaks the plastic on all four corners, which caused me to break mine as well… He is missing an entire step. Plus these video tear downs are inferior to photos. What the !&&* ifixit?

Devon Polson - Reply

This isn’t meant to be a repair guide. This is iFixit’s first time with the device, they use this video to make better and more specific repair guides.

Liam Judge -

How can i report this video? He is tearing the top screen wrong!

Simon Yee - Reply

This isn’t a repair guide, this is a teardown video. This is iFixit’s first time with the device they use this video to make better and more specific repair guides

Liam Judge -

Is the wi-fi card soldered into the system or is it removable? i got a 2ds xl that gives error occur, please power down whenever you enable the wifi. This was a common issue on the original 3ds models and reseating/replacing the wifi card resolved it.

Simon Poon - Reply

Timestamp 1:45 , You just broke four screws that are under an adhesive layer with the black carbon fiber-like plastic sheet… lol

Jorge Rodriguez - Reply

Fair warning this is a !&&* of a teardown

I had to try three sets of “Philips #00” screwdrivers and ended up taking every screw out with a 00 standard filed down instead.

Something about these “00” screws or screwdrivers just did not work, couldn’t catch the fins of the screwdriver in the hole or the screwdriver was small enough but had a massive point at the end and the zdepth of the screw heads just meant I couldn’t get purchase into the screw at all

Then once I had everything disassembled for repair / doing the nonsense I wanted to do with the motherboard out, during reassembly

Had the joystick ribbon cable that forcefully makes 2 90 degree bends just break and had to source parts from a second unit

and most of the ribbon cable holders must be rated for 1 to 3 insertions max?

After all that effort i’m left with a unit that is effectively bricked

Unless you’re doing an insane “repair” like I was (Trying to get a JP exclusive plastic shell over a US mobo / chipset / interals ) 100% go with Nintendo service on this

kevin - Reply

and i say this having done joycon repairs and joycon shell swaps,

the switch generation seems 100% better for ribbon cable part sourcing (acceptors on the board and the cables themselves)

don’t be stupid like i was

kevin -

can you fix one that is broken in half and tthe wire and ribbon broke

Sonny Aragon - SHM Student - Reply

I tried this teardown on mine and it doesn’t go back togrther beware don’t do this


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