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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation, use our service manual.

Remove SIM card tray.
  • Remove SIM card tray.

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Insert the eject pin into the hole inside of the port and push to open a gap between back cover and frame.
  • Insert the eject pin into the hole inside of the port and push to open a gap between back cover and frame.

  • Place the guitar pick into the gap.

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  • Slide the guitar pick to cut the adhesive sticker under the cover. It's a little strong. Finally, peel off the soft back cover.

To remove this cover easily, it is better to have a thermal blower on hand,to soften the glue.

planob2 - Reply

  • Remove those two rubber cover.

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  • Release the side button flex connector and battery connector respectively under the rubber cover.

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  • Twist off all 18 screws on the middle housing and remove it easily.

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  • Remove the logo.

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  • Get the flex loosen from battery

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  • Get the flex loosen from the battery.

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  • Pull the battery sticker and pry up the battery.

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  • Twist off the screw and pry up the securing bracket.

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  • Remove the side buttons flex.

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  • Release LCD connector.

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  • Release digitizer connector.

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  • Pry up the motherboard and remove it carefully. At that time, we can separate the LCD screen from motherboard and get it alone.

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  • Release the connector and remove the rear camera.

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  • Remove front camera.

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  • Done.

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Poking out the back cover through the SIM slot does NOT work on the leather backed version. I almost poked a hole through the leather but thankfully it held together. Maybe applying a heat gun to soften the glue would make this work.

tharty416 - Reply

When I reassembled my Moto X 2nd gen. after a battery change, I lost audio to the speaker. Audio jack works fine. Nothing is torn, but definitely something loose or not connected. I don't know where to look. Could you please help guide me to where it might be? Thanks!

phamtoan - Reply

I have a solution to the speaker not working after putting the phone back together.

The speaker wasn't connecting with the metal tabs on the phone back panel due to my replacement battery being a little thicker.

I was able to bend the speaker contact pins to connects with the relevant connectors and it started working. Slightly hacky but worked. I have posted pictures

Ben Sycha -

@wasrel Where did you purchase a replaccement battery and was it new?

Doug Hellinger -

Same problem. What is the answer?

alekskoptev - Reply

I found a solution, look at my reply to phamtoan.

Ben Sycha -

thanks. it works again. made it with a little piece of metal film

alekskoptev -

What is the screw type (the thread size and length) for the screws that hold the phone together? I somehow messed up the screw heads beyond repair, even though I had a correct screw driver :(

Lena Zhivun - Reply

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