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Remove back cover.
  • Remove back cover.

  • Moto G3 plastic panel can be easily removed with the fingernails.

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Remove camera&flashlight metal cover. Use tweezers to cut strong adhesives underneath.
  • Remove camera&flashlight metal cover. Use tweezers to cut strong adhesives underneath.

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  • Undo 3 screws by T4 Torx screwdriver.

  • Take away plastic securing part.

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  • Heat up the LCD screen for a while.

  • Then with the help of suction cup, insert guitar picks to open a gap. Slide guitar picks or plastic opening tool to cut strong adhesives.

  • There is LCD screen connector on the left side, so be careful to slide guitar picks.

start prying the screen off from the top corners very gently. I started from the bottom and shattered the glass

Bob Mcroy - Reply

  • Release LCD screen connector firstly.

  • Remove LCD screen.

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  • Undo 14 screws by T4 Torx screwdriver

  • Pry up motherboard assembly.

  • Battery flex connector is connected with motherboard, so be careful to pry the assembly up.

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  • Release battery flex connector.

  • Separate motherboard assembly from back cover assembly.

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  • Undo 3 screws here.

  • Use spudger to cut adhesives and pry the SIM&SD card reader board, then remove it.

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  • Remove front-facing camera.

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  • Remove rear camera.

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  • Remove earpiece.

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  • Remove loudspeaker.

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  • Here is the motherboard.

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  • Use spudger to cut adhesive and pry the battery up.

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  • Take away headphone jack.

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  • Done

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Muito bom, parabéns!

Manoel - Reply

Could you guys tell me if the main speaker, at the bottom, has a special protection agains water spills, like a membrane or so, or is it pretty fine too spill water there?

setsuoleandro - Reply

Wi fi not trun on g3

Seoni Seoni - Reply

When you heat up the display, do you heat up the entire display or just around the edges? What heat gun/setting should i use? Can i use a blowdryer?

guest - Reply

Thanks. ......................

Biswajit Saha - Reply

Anyone know where the GPS antenna is? I'm having issues with intermittent loss of GPS signal and would like to try re-seating or replacing the antenna.

saml604 - Reply

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