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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Morphy Richards Iron, use our service manual.

  1. This is the iron we will take apart.
    • This is the iron we will take apart.

  2. First remove the rear or the iron using the flathead screwdriver.
    • First remove the rear or the iron using the flathead screwdriver.

    • Next remove the cable bridge bracket.

    • Next remove the screws from the base. (see arrows for location)

    • Next remove the screw the hold the top on.

    • To free the long cable remove from terminal block at rear.

    • At the front of the iron pull out the buttons for the steam and water.

    • Next unclip the button holder (red circle) by undoing the screws (black circle)

    • Next remove the bridge clip from the arrows position.

    • Next remove the inner button (black circle)

    • Now remove the centre screw (red arrow)

    • slide off the cable holder from the cable.

    • Disassemble the plug

    • First remove the casing.

    • Now remove the wires from the pins.

    • Next remove the pins.

    • Remove front of the iron by undoing the screw (arrow) by first taking off cover cap.

    • Next take out round selector, this is simply clipped so can be pulled out with pliers.

    • Next remove the washer parts at the front of the iron.

    • Take the tubing off.

    • Remove the seals for the water pump.

    • Now take pumps out.

    • Remove the screw (circled) this will lead to the separation of the base and the top.

    • Remove the top of the iron to reveal the under parts.

    • Now remove the rubber seals from the plate.

    • Take out the screws linking to the stainless steel base.

    • Remove the terminal block from the wires.

    • Next take off the black section of the iron.

    • Now remove the screws from the steel base.

    • Next remove each individual part ( mostly wiring)

    • All parts at the end of the process.

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