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This guide provides instructions to strip down the Lenovo T6xx series laptops down to the motherboard, also removing all other internal components and bare LCD panel somewhere along the way.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Lenovo Thinkpad T61p, use our service manual.

  1. All externally accessible components must be removed first.
    • All externally accessible components must be removed first.

    • It is critical that the battery be removed first, before reaching any electronic components!

    • One screw holds in the hard drive caddy/bracket/enclosure.

    • There is a lever on the side of the laptop next to the optical drive that pops out a tab. Pull the tab to remove the optical drive.

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  2. After removing all screws from the bottom of the laptop, remove the palmrest panel by lifting it up and towards you.
    • After removing all screws from the bottom of the laptop, remove the palmrest panel by lifting it up and towards you.

    • Before pulling the palmrest away, unplug the wire that connects the touchpad to the motherboard.

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    • The keyboard should come off easily. Lift the end closest to you and clips on the top will come undone.

    • Unplug the cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.

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    • Two screws hold in the keyboard frame/speaker grille. Remove them and then unclip this plastic piece.

    • Now the entire top panel components are removed, giving access to the motherboard tray structure and all internal components.

    The inside upper left corner of the speaker has a silver bracket which with two mini screws securing bracket to motherboard, as well as two mini screws connecting the speaker cover, just above the sound card. You will identify this bracket by the three wires running over it ( gray, white and black. they are also connected to the sound card in that order from left to right ( gray, white, black)

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    • A screw holds the motherboard tray to the outer bottom casing, remove this.

    • Because the ports protrude into the outer casing, gently wedge a knife between the ports and casing to pry the motherboard tray out.

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    • Remove the many screws attaching the metallic hinges to the motherboard tray, and gently wiggle them out.

    • Make sure to unplug the video multi cable and WiFi antenna wires from the motherboard before removing the display assembly.

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    • Prying of the bezel will require some force and may break a few clips. It is also glued to the metallic LCD edge, making it even harder to remove.

    • Be very careful with your prying tool/knife to not over insert and scratch the LCD panel. One scratch and the value is gone!

    • Remove the rubber stickers covering the display bezel screws, and remove all of these screws.

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    • Remove the visible screws holding down the LCD panel frame and the inverter and bluetooth circuit boards located below the LCD. The metal assembly will come out from the plastic backing.

    • The LCD housing is attached to the plastic back panel on the 4 corners, including on the hinges. Remove these screws.

    • Now would be a good time to protect your screen with bubble wrap or foam bordered by tape. Green X is for visibility and warning.

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    • On the sides of the screen frame are the 3 Wifi antennas, with cables routed on the back. Unscrew the antennas from the frame.

    • Remove the tape holding the antenna wires and completely extract the antennas.

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    • The LCD panel is attached to the housing on 3 corners by screws, and these in turn are mounted on the edge of the LCD panel by 2 screws each.

    • Also undo the screw on the edge of the housing, near the left hinge, and the screen should freely come out from the assembly.

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    • The speakers and WiFi card must be undone before being able to detach the plastic bottom panel. 2 screws holding each must be removed.

    • A single screw holding the FireWire assembly also holds the motherboard tray to the bottom panel. Remove this one and pry them apart.

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    • With the tray out, screws holding the CPU fan and heatsink must be undone, as well as a screw underneath holding the DC jack.

    • Proceed to unplug the fan cable and DC jack cable from the motherboard.

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    • The only screws remaining in this build are holding in the motherboard. Find all of them and free the board itself from the tray.

    • The PCMCIA slot enclosure can also be removed from the motherboard. Just pull it up!

    • Congratulations, you have removed the motherboard from its shackles!

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What kind of processor?

Greg Christensen - Reply

If my laptop cant power on or when it power on it turns off in 5 minutes and when i remove the battery and plug in the power cable it turns on ,how can i fix that on the mother board or any better way to fix it.

senkaya martin - Reply

this was the best teardown I ever did you did a great job going step by step you made it real easy how you explained it thanks

Anthony Banuelos - Reply

im NOT so happy

screws holding m board remove them

yeah sure

highlighting the spots as in other teardowns would be MOST helpful, thanks

i found a pile of tiny exteriors you didnt mention on sides

but theres one lurking somewhere i cant find at alland shes got a firm grip!


Laurel - Reply

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