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In this tutorial, I will show you how to do a complete teardown of this monitor, using only two different sized Philip's head screwdrivers

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Envision EN7410, use our service manual.

  1. Place the monitor on its screen side down
    • Place the monitor on its screen side down

    • Remove the four screws holding the stand onto the monitor

  2. To remove the backing, remove the two screws holding the case in place.
    • To remove the backing, remove the two screws holding the case in place.

    • The monitor is held in place with clips. Lightly bend the backing backwards to separate the frame from the screen

    • We must first remove the circuits connected to the buttons used to calibrate the monitor

    • Remove this section by unscrewing the three screws holding it in place

    • Remember that this section is connected by wires, and should be handled carefully

    • Hold right below the cables and pull the cable apart from the top circuit board

    • There are four screws on each side of the monitor that you must remove to disassemble the rest of the monitor

    • These screws are relatively tiny, so make sure that they are stored securely

    • Remove the backing of the circuit board by unscrewing the four screws holding it in place

    • Make sure Step 3 was completed in full because it is connected to this part

    • Remove these panels after the past steps have been completed in full

    • Remove the tape covering any of the screws or wires we will remove in future steps

    • Remove the three screws on the circuit board

    • Use the mini Philip's head

    • Remove the two smaller screws on the side circuit board

    • Remember to use the mini Philip's head

    • Pop away the metal frame surrounding the LCD monitor

    • This is similar to removing the other frame in step 2

    • Raise the green circuit boards up

    • Holding the screen vertically, slide the black screen off

    • Remove the plastic filter sheets covering the LCD glass panel

    • Place your fingers on the sides of the glass panel and lift it upwards to remove it

    • Place the monitor white side up

    • Just like the previous frames, pop the plastic black frame apart from the rest of the monitor

    • gently lift the two metal bars connected to the circuit board.

    • This will separate the two components apart

    • You have successfully completed a teardown of the Envision EN7410 monitor

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