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This video is an unboxing and teardown of the Dell XPS 13.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Dell XPS 13 9370, use our service manual.

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nice…. hope soon the whole step would be upload so I can repair my water damaged in laptop screen

m.aiman_90 - Reply

Too bad you didn’t take the heatsink and cooler off, to have a look at the cpu.

Takk - Reply

will there be a 9370 teardown? The one up now only shows basic steps but I need to replace the palm rest body and would appreciate one!

steveen park - Reply

Same, please let me know if you found a way to do this.

Stephen Spencer -

Is the touch screen connector on the motherboard present also on the non-touch XPS?

Raffaele T. - Reply

Anyone know if the 60wh battery is compatible with a 9343/9350 model?

David Moheban - Reply

I have a 9370 with an 8GB RAM and would like to know if the RAM could be upgraded. I’m aware there is not going to be any extra slots. Are the RAM soldered or inserted in a slot just like the SSD ?

Sarath Babu Nagarajan - Reply

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