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for this teardown you will need a loaf of bread which you can get at pretty much any store but be absolutely sure it is not pre sliced because then this guide does not apply

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your bread, use our service manual.

    • with your utility Scissors carefully open the packaging and take out the loaf

    • take your bread knife and slice two pieces of bread off of the loaf

    • it is optional but adding butter to the bread will make it taste better

    • once the bread is torn down it cannot be repaired


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thank u for the guide was very helpful

Rio - Reply

Be careful it is not repairable after a tear down

LucWag1 -

Could have told me before hand? Now its broken 😭

Ben Kania -

Your guide is so helpful , long before my life was a completely mess because I couldn't even find even a single way to teardown a bread but after see your guide I am finally able to . Your help really saved my life , im really appreciated

thành thành - Reply

this guide genuinely changed my life, thank you

Josh Walton - Reply

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