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Here is our shiny new UX501! we'll be tearing this laptop down!
  • Here is our shiny new UX501! we'll be tearing this laptop down!

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Flip the laptop down.
  • Flip the laptop down.

  • Remove all the visible screws.

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  • Remove the rubber stoppers from all four corners of the laptop.

  • Then remove the screws.

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  • Remove the bottom case.

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  • Here, we have access to the RAM, the WiFi card, and the SSD.

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Andy Lin

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Hi. I have a UX501. I attempt to disassemble. However when I remove the rubber stoppers to get at the hidden screws, the screws are covered by a glob of thick black plastic. I can see one of the screws but it is buried very deep in the plastic.

Do you know anything of this? What is the best way to get through the plastic.

Stephen Boston - Reply

That adhesive is molded to spec, bottom tray to rubber feet, so don’t toss it, you’ll need it to reattach the rubber feet. I would recommend lifting the delicate sticky carefully, its near impossible but it’s cut specifically to match the screw holes underneath.

these instructions need to be amended since not all four rubber feet have screws beneath them.

c0BRA -

What Happened to the Rest of The Teardown-Steps?


I need to remove my MBoard and prep it for shipping / repair.

c0BRA - Reply

Thanks cOBRA. That seems like a tough little job! Those guys are really stuck in there.

I have to take it on the road for a week so won’t get to it until I get back.

Stephen Boston - Reply

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