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Cal Poly, Team 17-4, Forte Spring 2015

Working hard to make everyone an expert repairman.

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-FORTE-S15S17G4

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Guide Image

HP Compaq NC6120 RAM Replacement

Replacing the stock RAM to increase computer's speed while in use.

Guide Image

HP Compaq NC6120 Monitor Replacement

Replacing a damaged, or destroyed monitor to the NC6120 laptop.

Guide Image

HP Compaq NC6120 Mouse Pad Replacement

Replacing the Mouse Pad to make maneuvering on the laptop easier.

Guide Image

HP Compaq NC6120 Cooling Fan Replacement

Removing a malfunctioning cooling fan from within the laptop.

Guide Image

Disassembling HP Compaq NC6120 Laptop

Opening up the laptop to access key components of the HP Compaq NC6120 Laptop.

Guide Image

HP Compaq NC6120 CD Drive Replacement

This guide will show the reader how to replace the CD drive, should it stop...