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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G6, Carnegie Fall 2017

Our team includes a wide variety of skills, Keagan Berstler and Shawn Schmick are both Visual Communication and Design majors, Nicole Welter is a Technical Communication major, and Ronaldo Romanha is an Engineering major.

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Shawn has a background in working and repairing machinery and electronics, he brings an extensive knowledge in computer repair and maintenance.

Ronaldo has a background in electrical engineering, he already works in the maintenance department and he has a vast experience in repairing small electronics on a business level.

Nicole has a background mainly repairing video game consoles and in the fine arts. she hopes to bring a different view to the team and learn more about repairs in the process.

Keagan has a background in graphic design and data analytics. She also works for a research company and has background on gathering and presenting information on a professional level.