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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G2, Crane Summer 2017

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Team Tag: EWU-CRANE-SU17S2G2

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Introducing... Group 2!

We are Meredith Hale , Michael Stanley and Rachael Skipper and together we are Group 2.

Meredith is a VCD major and self proclaimed design perfectionist. She is amazing at project managing, communicating and maintaining deadlines. It is important to her that everyone in the group has a good experience and produces something that all members are proud of.

Michael is an Electrical Engineering student who excels at math. He brings to the table experience in group projects from his Senior Capstone Class, where he played a pivotal part in the development of the project.

Rachael is a VCD student whose biggest goal in this project is to communicate in a professional, straight forward and easily comprehensible way. Her experience training new real estate agents at work has improved her skills in teaching and training.