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Eastern Washington University, Team 1-4, Mathisen Winter 2017

Our group consists of Marla Emde, Jazmine Jackson, Valarie Landguth, Kaycee Nufer, and Kristine Porta. We are a group of lady's from a variety of departments on Eastern's campus and are looking forward to our ifixit project.

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Marla Emde:

I enjoy creating documents and can bring a Canon Digital Camera to class when needed for this project.

Jazmine Jackson:

As a VCD major, I have skills with photography and adobe creative sweet. I also have a camera if need be. I enjoy editing, and am very mechanically inclined. I enjoy solving problems, which helps with both math and technology.

Kaycee Nufer:

This experience will be new for me but I am very versatile in all things technical. I hope to be very helpful to my group in this process with anything that they need me to do.