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Eastern Washington University, Team 1-6, Crane Fall 2016

We are team number six. The members of this team are Denys Diaz , Ahmad Alqaedi, Darby Holt and Megan Perrizo. Denys' background is that she is in her third year at Eastern Washington University and is majoring in public health. Denys has led a team...

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I'm Darby and in my group there's Denys, Megan, and Ahmad, we are team 6. Any skills that could be useful to this project would be that I'm a hard worker and outgoing. I hope to contribute as much as I can and give a helpful input for this project.

I'm Megan and this is my final year at Eastern Washington University. I currently work in an IT department and have knowledge of computer deployment, hardware, software, networking, as well as customer service. Showing others about technology and how to use it is one of my many passions. I'm positive I can use it immensely to assist with this group project.