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Cal Poly, Team 15-46, Forte Fall 2012

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-FORTE-F12S15G46

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Guide Image

Seville Classics MSC10166 Installing the PCB (Printing Circuit Board) Replacement

This guide will give you a step by step process on how to completely take...

Guide Image

Repairing the LEDs

Follow this guide to fix the LEDs on your Fan.

Guide Image

Cleaning the Fan Blades

Follow this guide to clean the fan blades.

Guide Image

Repairing the Buttons

Follow this guide to help you solve any problems with the fan's buttons.

Guide Image

Seville Classics MSC10166 Disassembly

Follow these steps to fix the problems with the rotation and vibration of the...

Guide Image

Removing the Tower Fan Rotating Blade and Transformer

This installation guide shows viewers how to install a new fan blade and a...