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Cal Poly, Team 15-4, Amido Spring 2015

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-AMIDO-S15S15G4

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Guide Image

Logitech G27 Optical Encoder Replacement

This guide will explain all steps necessary to replace the optical encoder in...

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Logitech G27 Pedal Spring Replacement

This guide outlines the steps to replace the springs in the pedal assembly of...

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Logitech G27 Internal Motors Replacement

This guide will teach you how to replace the internal motors of the Logitech...

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Logitech G27 C-Clamp Replacement

This guide delineates the steps to replace the Logitech G27's C-Clamps.

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Logitech G27 Shifter Potentiometer Replacement

This guide will help you fix a non-responsive shifter due to a broken or...

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Samsung Galaxy - S Display Assembly Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 How to disassemble and replace LCD Display and fix...