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Cal Poly, Team 25-26, Garner Spring 2011

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Team Tag: CPSU-GARNER-S11S25G26

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Guide Image

Nikon N2000 (F301) Battery Compartment Replacement

How to remove the Battery compartment for cleaning, testing, or replacement.

Guide Image

Nikon N2000 (F301) Lens Mount Replacement

How to remove the lens mount from the camera.

Guide Image

Nikon N2000 (F301) Back Case Replacement

How to remove the back case from the camera

Guide Image

How to clean Nikon N2000 (F301) battery corrosion

How to clean out corrosion from the batteries.

Guide Image

Nikon N2000 (F301) Communication Board Replacement

How to remove and replace the communication board from the inside of the camera.

Guide Image

Panasonic Super Lite Flashlight Teardown

This guide details the teardown of the Panasonic Super Lite incandescent...