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Cal Poly, Team 14-8, Forte Winter 2011

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Team Tag: CPSU-FORTE-W11S14G8

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Guide Image

Motorola E815 Battery Replacement

Step-by-step navigation to dissemble the phone until battery is accessible,...

Guide Image

Disassembling Motorola E815 Antenna

Step-by-step guide to accessing and removing a broken antenna.

Guide Image

Motorola E815 Front Screen Replacement

Step-by-step guide to accessing and replacing the cracked or broken front...

Guide Image

Motorola E815 interiorscreen replacement

Step-by-step instructions to dissemble the E815 and access the inside screen...

Guide Image

Motorola E815 Keypad Replacement

Step-by-step guide to dissemble the Motorola E815 to access the phone's keypad.