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Cville TimeBank Repair Café

Toss it? NO WAY - FIX it! At a Repair Café, folks bring their broken stuff to be repaired by volunteers for free. It’s a fun, friendly way to keep perfectly good stuff out of the landfill and spend some quality time together as a community.


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Members of the community bring their broken items to be evaluated and repaired for free by volunteer “fixers” during a community-wide event at The Habitat Store in Charlottesville.

Items that may be fixed include small appliances, clothing, bikes, jewelry, toys, and other household items. Popular items include vacuum cleaners, fans, lamps, wool sweaters, costume jewelry, broken dishes, and small pieces of furniture. (Visitors are asked not to bring televisions, microwave ovens, or gasoline-powered equipment.)

The first Cville TimeBank Repair Café was held in November 2015 at Portico Church. More than 80 people brought 100+ items that were fixed and put back into use. We decided to do it again in March 2016 and had 75 volunteers for 200 guests with 340 items to be evaluated! There has been a spring and fall Repair Café in Charlottesville ever since, plus two small pop-up events (Timberlake Place Senior Apartments in 2017 and The Haven in 2019).