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USF Tampa, Team 9-2, Leahy Fall 2014

Student Team

Team Tag: USFT-LEAHY-F14S9G2

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Motorola Droid Mini Back Case Replacement

The back case of the Motorola Droid Mini is...

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Motorola Droid Mini Battery Replacement

The battery is responsible for most of your...

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Motorola Droid Mini Loudspeaker Replacement

The loudspeaker is responsible for the sound...

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LG Rumor Touch Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery of your LG Rumor Touch...

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IBM Thinkpad R40 Wi-Fi Card Replacement

Use this guide to replace the Wi-Fi Card of the...

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Motorola Droid Mini Camera Replacement

The camera or flash may stop functioning or...

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Game Boy Headphone Jack Replacement

This guide will illustrate how to install a new...