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Guide Image

Nintendo DS Main Circuit Board Replacement

This guide will walk you through replacing the Main Circuit Board on the...

Guide Image

Nintendo DS Bottom LCD Screen Replacement

Use this guide to replace the bottom LCD screen of the Nintendo DS.

Guide Image

Nintendo DS Upper LCD Screen Replacement

Use this guide to replace the upper LCD Screen of your Nintendo DS.

Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 80 Battery Replacement

Taking out old Zune battery or replacing it...

Guide Image

Replacing Samsung HLM/HLN-DLP Televison Color Wheel

Use this guide to replace the television color wheel of your Samsung...

Guide Image

Magellan RoadMate 1200 Motherboard Replacement

How to replace a Magellan RoadMate 1200 motherboard.

Guide Image

Onkyo TX-800 Power fuse Replacement

Follow this guide to replace the power fuse of the Onkyo TX-800.

Guide Image

Onkyo TX-800 Button Pins Repair

Use this guide to fix the button pins of your Onkyo TX-800 if they are crooked.

Guide Image

Polaroid i533 Button Replacement

This guide will show how to replace the button that takes the pictures.

Guide Image

HP Pavilion dv5000 RTC Battery Replacement

Replace the RTC battery so the system clock is accurate.