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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Speaker Replacement

Thus guide will show you how to replace the speaker on your Samsung Galaxy...

Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Microphone Replacement

Replacing the microphone in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active by gaining access to...

Guide Image

HTC One Front Panel Replacement

This is the worst replacement for the HTC One M7 because this is the last...

Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Rear Facing Camera Replacement

Replacing a damaged or malfunctioning camera on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Guide Image

HTC One Speaker Replacement

Replace the speaker.

Guide Image

HTC One Battery Replacement

If you have an issue with your battery as described in the troubleshooting...

Guide Image

HTC One Motherboard Replacement

If your phone is having issues because of the motherboard as described in the...

Guide Image

HTC One Camera Replacement

The camera would need to be repaired if you are experiencing the "Purple...