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Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Back Case Replacement

Remove the back case of the Zune 30 GB.

Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Battery Replacement

Remove the ribbon cable that attaches the...

Guide Image

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Hard Drive Replacement

The 30 GB hard drive is attached to the logic...

Guide Image

Palm Treo 680 Battery Replacement

How to replace a Palm Treo 680 battery.

Guide Image

Replacing Nintendo DS Battery

Guide to removing and replacing the Nintendo DS battery

Guide Image

Nintendo DS Back Panel Replacement

This guide will walk you though removing the back panel on the Nintendo DS

Guide Image

Nintendo DS Main Circuit Board Replacement

This is a guide that teaches how to replace a Nintendo DS motherboard.

Guide Image

Nintendo DS Upper LCD Screen Replacement

Use this guide to replace the upper LCD Screen of your Nintendo DS.

Guide Image

Zune 80 GB Teardown

This manual will guide you through the steps...

Guide Image

Motorola V551 Keypad Replacement

How to replace a Motorola V551 keypad.