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Cal Poly, Team 16-5, Maness Spring 2010

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Team Tag: CPSU-MANESS-S10S16G5

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Guide Image

Checking Audio/Video Cables on Panasonic SA-HT810V

This is a basic guide on how to check your...

Guide Image

Repairing a Panasonic SA-HT810V with the H02/H07 error

This guide describes how to fix the H02/H07...

Guide Image

How to clean Panasonic SA-HT810V DVD Optical Head

This is guide on opening up your Panasonic...

Guide Image

How to clean your Panasonic SA-HT810V VCR heads

This is a guide overview how to clean your VCR...

Guide Image

Panasonic SA-HT810V DVD Drive Replacement

This is a guide for uninstalling a DVD drive and reinstalling a new one.

Guide Image

Panasonic SA-HT810V VHS Drive Replacement

This is a brief guide on removing and reinstalling a VHS drive in a Panasonic...

Guide Image

Replacing Panasonic SA-HT810V New Screen, Motherboard, and Power Supply

This is a guide on installing a new screen, motherboard, and power supply...