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New Battery for Flash Converted G4 U2 iPod!

Tak Wolf -

iPod 4th Generation or Photo

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iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

15 minutes - 1 hour


My Problem

I got the iPod as a dead unit with a bad battery and a dead mainboard. I replaced my mainboard and replaced the hard drive with a 64 gig compact flash I did not trust the $6 dollar Amazon battery I installed and thought I'd better get an iFixit approved one.

My Fix

I had a bit of a snag, the drive cable quit working , but it was easy to diagnose, and thankfully I had a spare!

My Advice

The battery is easy, and if you have a classic iPod I seriously suggest the flash conversion. It extends the battery life and shock-proofs the iPod very well. Your heart does not stop if you accidentally pull the unit off of your desk onto the floor!

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