My Problem

The display began to flicker when using the MacBook on my lap. Gradually it reached the point where the display would only be on at a 75 degree angle or less.

My Fix

I used the iFixit guide to disassemble the laptop, and at the hinge area discovered raw wire exposed in a cable.

Confident this was an easy fix, I taped it, then reassembled the laptop. Guess what? It wasn't fixed!

I came back to iFixit and ordered a replacement display cable. It arrived within three days.

Then I again disassembled the laptop, replaced the cable and reassembled the laptop. Guess what? It worked this time.

My Advice

Here is a clue: if a cable has worn through, it likely also has a bend or break in it. Do the job once!

Also, since I have the Santa Rosa model, I learned quickly that the explanation paragraphs are there for a reason. Read them all before you follow that step!