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refurb an old phone

dkoemans -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minutes


My Problem

Home button was intermittent on my iphone 4. Figured while I was in there I might as well replace the battery and the scratched back panel.

My Fix

The repair went fine. Couple of points though related to the help materials. The video for replacing the home button and the visual guide are inconsistent. The video goes in a different order than the guide. Since I was using both, as the visual guide had better detail, that screwed me up on the reassembly order. I figured it out but it was a source of frustration. The hardest part was re-seating the ribbon cable for the home button. Both the guide and the video made it sound simple and neither had great resolution to use as a visual aid. I simple couldn't tell if I had the cable far enough in to the clip. A high resolution photo would have fixed that.

My Advice

Use the guide, the video isn't detailed enough. It gives a good overview but is incomplete. I think that is unfortunate since video is where most people go these days for tutorials. This also could have been resolved if the tear down sequence was the same for the video and the website.

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly Image
iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly


iPhone 4 GSM/AT&T Revelation Kit Image
iPhone 4 GSM/AT&T Revelation Kit


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