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dual ssd, hybrid toshiba hds

dennis labossiere -

Mac Mini Mid 2011

Installing Mac Mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 hours


My Problem

so I took my mac mini apart all good until I noticed one of the cable headers had busted on disaembly. it seems to affect power light and unsure what else had 4 wires runs along the cd rack fram to what looks like a sensor, I suspect was for cd rom and power lightpossibly remote since remote no longer works as well.

My Fix

ok the 2 new hd's went in fine and work great, system runs faster. now has 16 gb ram of 1333 sodim, and 2 x 1 terabyte hybrid drives.

My Advice

when disconnecting wires do slowly ya should mack sure power header and fan header and one more 3 more depending on model , one for old hd, 2 headers for hd when assembled, power, and power led,

Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit Image
Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit


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