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The tools collector! ;)

antonios -

My Problem

Haha... there was no problem... or to be more accurate there is not only one specific problem. I fix everything needs fixing all the time. I also love DIY things for my needs. So I better have all available tools handy in my collection.

I am a communication designer and a design thinker. For me tools are much more than just a way to fix things. There are inspirational equipment that lead me to a solution. No matter if I have to fix an iPhone or to create a rotation device for my time lapses, or to find the best way to promote my clients business. There are tools to get your job done and to find a solution for every single problem. Using your tools correctly is a precious skill.

My Fix

Repairs go always very well because every single time there is something new to learn. So it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail, you will always be a winner.

My Advice

My advise is: "try to fix everything you can, because at some point of your life you may find that to repair is the only solution you have for some precious things, and then you will appreciate the lessons you have learned so far in your fixing things history".

There is a story behind every attempt to correct things and make them work, and this story is not only a technical one.

To fix a broken device is like to give life to something. It inspires you and increases your self confidence. It shows you that you are able to make things work and this may as well apply to other parts of your life.

Thanks for your time

Digital Caliper Image
Digital Caliper


Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment Image
Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment


Precision Dispensing Bottles Image
Precision Dispensing Bottles


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One Comment

Hey bro, I just want to say that I am very happy to be enlightened by reading this. I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote. The whole piece is totally POSITIVE and not a chance I could have conveyed these concepts better myself. The ‘My Advice’ section is the greatest I have ever seen! I often feel alone in my aligned passion for repairing things. Hopefully you’ll receive a notification to this comment as it has been nearly 5 years - regardless, I felt the need to reply to this.

I find myself regularly formulating a lot of those same thoughts, especially while deep in a ‘repair zone’. I dig your perspective; it gives me yet another level of appreciation for these tools, the passion to fix, and for fellow fixers such as yourself. These are the kinds of open expressions of gratitude… AND great attitude, that remind me how remarkable it is to be a conscious human being.

No need to thank us readers for our time; I am thankful to you for writing this.

Beautiful. Absolute kudos to you.


Mathias Snyder - Reply

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