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Mac Mini - Mini-Circuits and connectors!

Greg -

My Problem

I wanted to install a solid state hard drive for better performance.

My Fix

It went OK, but I broke the connector on the fan, and a small connector between the hard drive and the circuit board. I also was unable to replace the 2 5mm antenna cover screws. I am able to run the unit without the fan by leaving the cover off (I only use it for a few hours a week), but I have ordered a replacement fan.

The new drive works fine, but I have to watch against overheating. I hope the new fan will connect to its tiny logic board connector.

My Advice

I have ordered a magnifying glass workstation device, and some antistatic tweezers. I hope that the second time around, I will be able to finish this job.

Spudger Image


Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool Image
Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool


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