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Proud to have repaired an iphone alone!

by andreamorok

My Problem

The lightning connector was damaged and it was really difficult to place the cable and all the time I had to spend 10 minutes to try to find the correct position where my Iphone5 could charge.

My Fix

I bought only the suggested tools to do this repair.

I was very scared at the beginning because, you know, I was repairing a 700 euros smartphone, but everything went very good.

It takes to me more than an hour to do the all fix, both because at the beginning you have to lift the screen and is quite difficult and because the screws are so so small.

My Advice

I did not buy the mat, but it is for sure a good tool for organizing all the pieces, and in particular the screws. Instead I used very small boxes, one for every different size of the screws.

Don't be scared to use you strength when you lift the screen because it is very well fixed.