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Fixing my ipad 2

Kevin -


iOpener Instructions

30 seconds


My Problem

Because my ipad 2 glass digitizer is not working when I try to touch the ipad 2 screen. It doesn't respond at all but I can see the picture on the screen. I can not slide to unlock the ipad 2 and use it.

My Fix

I follow up the iOpener Instructions and ifixit instruction on how to fix an ipad 2. I take my time and carefully to remove the glass digitizer. I was amazed by iOpener, it made my repaired work much easier than before. I didn't break the glass and hurt myself. It is really a very good tool to repair ipads. I love it......!!!

My Advice

Be patient and follow the steps to repair, Use the iOpener correctly, it will make your repaired work go smoothly.......!!!

iOpener Image


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