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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - GT-I8160L Digitizer replacement

anirudhdes -

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My Problem

The screen got smashed when the phone fell on a concrete pavement

My Fix

Referred the guide available here Samsung Galaxy Ace II x Display Digitizer Replacement

The entire process was smooth. It took about an hour as the model of the phone I had was slightly different from the one in the guide. There were some minor differences such as the screws which held the motherboard in place were at a different location, there were more ribbon cables to be detached. There was a thing that looked like a watch battery with a red and a blue wire coming out of it. Those wires were soldered to the motherboard. Took care to remove it without any damage.

Used a hair dryer to heat the screen in order to remove it.

My Advice

Stay calm and use your common sense when you are faced with something new or different.

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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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