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iPhone 5 Battery to MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

KennethPhy -

My Problem

The Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro both make it dificult for the user to replace the battery.

My Fix

I started with the iPhone 5 battery replacement. The iFitIt instructions were very clear for the tasks. I used the iFitIt iPhone 5 battery kit with tools that worked fine. Do to my clumsiness I lost one of the small internal screws. A magnetic screw driver would have helped here. Also the screws are so small, a magnetic work pad is a great help. So, I purchased several professional tools from iFitIt including the magnetic project pad and screw driver kits. When I inspected the drivers, none had any magnetic charge for controlling small screws. I purchased a tool magnetized / demagnetizer tool that did the trick. With better tools and a plan I replaced the MacBook battery without issue.

My Advice

Make sure you have a large clean work area. Small screws can be lost if dropped or popped out during disassembly. Magnetic tools and project pad are a must.

Magnetic Pickup Tool Image
Magnetic Pickup Tool


Magnetic Project Mat Image
Magnetic Project Mat


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