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Laptop sounding light a freight train

by jtdhardscrabble

My Problem

The right fan in the laptop had been making a soft clicking noise on and off for some time. Recently it grew very loud so that you did not want to be in the same room with the machine.

My Fix

The part from IFIXIT arrived very quickly and following the step by step guide made replacing the fan very easy. I did simplify things a bit by not disconnecting the trackpad and keyboard ribbon cable or the display data cable. In the first case I just stood the keyboard assembly up against the screen while replacing the fan. I was able to slip the old fan out and the new fan in under the display cable.

My Advice

The only thing the guide did not address was the black tape along the top edge of the fan. I was able to peel this back to remove the fan and was surprised to see copper foil under the tape. After peeling it back the tape was no longer sticky and therefore does not adhere to the new fan. This does not seem to be a problem since everything is working fine but it would be helpful if the guide gave addressed this issue.