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iphone 3GS camera - replacing did not fix the problem

marekkudla -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Camera Replacement

iPhone 3GS Camera Replacement


My Problem

I got a good price for an used iPhone 3GS. Everything great, but camera did not work. So after looking at fixit guide I decided to replace it myself.

My Fix

The camera arrived very fast and was exactly what is needed for this model. The guide was sufficiently detailed, however one of the screws - the one holding the camera was too tight. But I swapped it anyways, no problem. I just bent the metal piece it held in place and then bend it back. The disassembly was exactly as described. The problem: it did not fix the issue I had. So I took it apart again and reassemble. That metal piece I mentioned broke off, but it is not that essential. Assembled again, still nothing. Well, it is what it is, the phone is working as before, so at least I did not get matter worse.

My Advice

Not much, get good screwdrivers (good fit between the head and the screw is essential), suction cup is also a must, but I got it from some toy.

iPhone 3GS Camera Image
iPhone 3GS Camera


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