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Super fast delivery!

by vuongqdung

My Problem

The battery of my 15" old MacBook Pro Mid 2009 was pretty much done after 4.5 years and getting a new battery for on older MBP model isn't that straight forward as you may think. Lots of cheap knockoffs and fakes.

I got all the information, tools (just a Pentalope P6) and a better battery with higher mhA than the original on ifixit.com and everything was delivered only 2 days later! I was prepared for at least a week since I am from Europe.

My Fix

Repair went without any problems. I read the according guide on ifixit.com several times before doing it.

Everything including removal of the old HDD and installing a new SSD was done in 10 Minutes.

My old trusted MBP mid 2009 got a huge performance boost and the new battery works perfectly (6-8 hours easily).

I saved $3.000 I was about to drop for the latest MBP retina but I read about the LG / Samsung panel problems Apple is using for the new models and decided to upgrade my old MBP instead.

My Advice

Read the ifixit.com guides carefully and repeatedly. It will help a lot. Don't buy cheap knockoff parts from ebay / amazon, look on ifixit.com first. It will save you money, time and a lot of headache.