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Toshiba Satellite Power Jack Replacement

Matt Volpe -

My Problem

One of my friends accidentally dropped her laptop while the power cord was plugged in, and it hit the floor on that exact spot. This caused the Power Jack's soldering to break, so it would not charge unless you held the cord just right.

My Fix

The repair was pretty easy, following one of iFixit's guides to strip the laptop down to its motherboard. It was a different model than the guide was for, but most everything was the same. The "Helping Hands" product that I purchased from iFixit with one of their holiday coupons really helped me to see and hold it while I re-soldered.

My Advice

Always follow iFixit guides! They can be very, very helpful! And, if you figure something out on your own, create your own guide to help other people!

Helping Hands Image
Helping Hands


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