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needed more space and less lag

mrrifleman -

Mac Mini Mid 2011

Installing Mac Mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 hours


My Problem

my hard drive was filling up quickly on my Mac Mini. i decided to install a 240GB SSD for system and applications, and use the existing 500GB HDD strictly for storing my photos.

My Fix

Everything went great! Disassembly was way easier than i expected it to be. The cable that came with the dual drive kit fit perfectly. it was also well worth the extra $10 to get the tool kit and spudger.

My Advice

Make sure the SATA cables are connected properly to the motherboard. one of mine popped back up a little bit after assembly. (it was actually the factory one.)

Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit Image
Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit


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