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iMac HDD Replacement

by Azza

My Problem

I woke one morning to hearing my iMac making a clicking sound (uh oh) and on closer inspection found the dreaded flashing folder icon - dead HDD. As the blood slowly returned to my head, allowing for appropriate thinking, iFIXIT came to mind :) After a bit of clicking (note to webmaster - lots of clicking not good dude) I located what I was looking for, plus some fun tools, and ordered my parts.

My Fix

My parts arrived fairly quickly (quite surprised really since I live in Australia) and the 'how to' video and guides saw a very quick swap - out with the dead in with the new. The formatting and install procedure was the only painful part of the process :(

My Advice

Watch the video, have a look through the guides and follow the directions given. Pretty simple really. No hassle, no fuss. Enjoy