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FujiFilm FinePix HS10 Lens

wsalmonsen -

My Problem

There was a hazy spot in the center of some pictures. It seemed to be focus related. I could see a white spot that appeared to be on the inside of the outer lens. The instructions said I needed a very small "star" screwdriver for the lens screws.

My Fix

The repair went perfectly. The instructions have great pictures (http://www.wikihow.com/Disassemble-the-L...) and except for the "star" screwdriver reference were perfect. It turns out the screws are Phillips or JIS (too small to tell) not Torx or pentalobe. So, while I did not need the 54 bit driver kit (I already had a small Phillips head driver) I am now ready to fix my iPhone, iPad, TomTom, laptop or any other electronic marvel I care to dissemble. The metal Spudger set made the job much easier than the dull paring knife I used to use to pry things apart.

My Advice


1. Do not believe the words in the repair instructions. Look at the pictures carefully. The picture clearly showed a "x" screw head not a "star".

2. The proper tools make every job easier.

Metal Spudger Set Image
Metal Spudger Set


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