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Replacing MacBook upper case (keyboard/trackpad) with 2 GHz Intel Core Duo

gretaworcester -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

10 - 20 minutes


My Problem

The keyboard and trackpad were starting to go. The left Command key along with X, C, and V keys were working sporadically . It made copy, cut, and paste a big issue. The trackpad was also acting funny, i.e., two finger scrolling would sometimes select big chucks of a doc or webpage. More than once I almost deleted icons in the dock.

My Fix

The replacement upper case came within 4 days after ordering shipping via US Postal Service, very fast. The packaging was great, all of it recyclable. No styrofoam peanuts, the honeycomb paper wrap is a great idea for others to follow.

I was a little concerned that the function row at the top of the keyboard was slightly different than the original keyboard. But I decided to go ahead with the replacement.

The instructions from your website were spot on. The tools I ordered were what was needed to complete the repair. It took about an hour from start to finish.

The machine booted up without any issues. The keyboard and trackpad worked without any hangups. The top row of function keys work as labeled.

My Advice

Let your customers know about the keyboard function key differences and that the keys will work as labeled.

I will definitely use your service again to repair any of the 4 Apple PCs that we have in our household. I will also let others know that your company is great one to deal with for their Apple or Window machine repairs.

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