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iPod Video Repair

leoromero -

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My Problem

I received a non working iPod Video and decided to see if I could repair it. It would not stay charged and it wouldn't reformat. I thought I would see about replacing the battery and get it working again.

My Fix

I looked online and found a good video on taking the iPod apart but needed the right tools. After taking the unit apart I found that the mainboard was damaged. I think the iPod had been dropped.

My Advice

Getting the right tools to take the iPod apart was essential. I have a new battery to replace the old one and I'm currently waiting for a new mainboard to arrive. Will complete the repair and test the unit when I receive the mainboard. I've never worked on an iPod before and this has shown me that with the proper instruction and the proper tools I would be willing to try another one. Maybe buy used ones that need repair and give them to family and friends as gifts.

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