My Problem

The fan was extremely noisy, so much so that you could hear the laptop operating from other rooms in the house. No choice, then - the fan had to be replaced

My Fix

The install guide was very detailed and helpful. The only criticism was that when it came to putting everything back together, there were a couple of challenges that had not been described. The connector for the iSight camera was not straightforward to replace, and it took the best part of ten minutes of fiddling before I got it re-connected. It seemed that the upper part of the connector would not bend back to the correct angle to let it slide into place, and the connector itself seems quite fragile. Some guidance on the best / right way to handle this item would have been welcome. Total install time, start to finish, about 45 minutes.

My Advice

Make sure you pull the tape with the iSight wires attached well away from the work area so that you can properly orient the connector back into its receptor.